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Jennings Query

Postby tfisher » Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:58 pm

Looked again and I found her

I went back to 1840 and found Levi. Perry Township, Columbiana Co.

In the household, 1M 70-79, 1F 70-79, 1M 20-29, 1F 20-29

I then jumped to 1850 again and checked only Perry Twp. The transcriber
copied her name wrong. She is listed in the household of William (age
42) & Elizabeth (age 26) Jennings. She is the last one in the household
and the person above her is named Joseph Sinclair. So they transcribed
her as Rebecca Sinclair but her name is definitely Jennings

She is listed as 84 years old, born in VA. The others in the household
are Louis (age 6), William (age 4) and Emma (age 2) Jennings. Joseph
Sinclair is age 14.

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