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McFarland Query

Postby tfisher » Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:56 pm

Hi Guys

I don't know about you but I always go for the simple answer first. In 1870, William and Lew (Luzerba) are living in the next household down from William (and Sarah) McFarland in Jackson Twp., Muskingum Co. Jackson Twp. is on the Licking Co. line. I've found that children often take up residence near their parents. In 1870, William (the younger) is 25 years old. In 1860, a William & Margaret McFarlan are living in Hanover Twp., Licking Co., Ohio (on the Muskingum Co. line) with a son William, age 14.

You can see the township maps on my site Select Ohio, then look at both Muskingum and Licking Cos.

It looks to me as though Margaret (who was age 37 in 1860) must have died before 1870 and William (the senior) remarried Sarah who is age 30 in 1870

I wasn't able to run down marriage records for William and Sarah but I was I think able to figure some more of this out. In 1860, there is also a son Phillip, age 18 in the family. I found a death certificate for a Phillip McFarland born 1840 in Virginia, died 1918 in Muskingum Co. Mother listed as Margaret Eatin, father Wm.

In 1870, Wm. and Sarah look to have a son Henry, age 1. I found a death certificate for Henry McFarland, born 1869 in Muskingum Co., died 1916 Muskingum Co., mother Sarah Checks, father Wm.

So it is my opinion Wm., Jr. is the son of Wm. and Margaret (Eatin) McFarland I'd say its a toss up wheter he was born in Ohio or VA. Phillips death record says he was born in Virginia. I found the family again in 1850 in Muskigum Co. and Phillip does look to be the last child born in Va. Looks like they moved to Ohio about 1843 or so, so I'd say Wm. was born in Ohio.

You probably already had this but Luzerbas parents were George and Roseann. They were in Ohio in 1850 as well (Morgan Co.)

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